Saturday Seamless Pant

Saturday Seamless Pant


Brand- Sandinyapantz

– Designed and Handmade in Australia

– Inspired by a Children’s Nursery Rhyme ‘Saturday’s Child’ WORKS HARD FOR A LIVING. You like to accomplish things. You know what you want!

– This season’s collection comes with Sandinyapantz BOOKMARKS they are for keepsake to treasure to compliment children’s personalities, for each day of the week

– This print is hand drawn in Black and White with the Sandinyapantz logo and the phrase Live, Laugh, Love because of the valuable lesson it teaches us. Work Hard, Play Hard!

– Fabric content 80% Polyester 20% XTRA LIFE LYCRA

– Plain Back fabric content 80% Nylon 20% Elastane

– UPF50+

– Fully Lined

– Seamless finish around the legs



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