How to reduce your production costs

During the production of your garments, less is more.

One small thing you can do to reduce the time it takes to make your garments is consolidate all your interior labels into one label. For example, if you have separate care labels, size pips and branding labels your manufacturer will sew all three labels together before so they can insert them evenly into a seam. This is a time consuming process that will add unnecessary costs to your production. If you have your logo and size on one side of a label and the care instructions on the back you will save yourself up to $1.50 per garment.

Another thing you can do is reduce the amount of seams in your garment. Many times I have seen garments with a number of unnecessary seams. If you are working with stretch fabric, you don't need a lot of seams to create shape. Unless you specifically want them there as a feature see how many you can get rid of. Each seam will add from 50 cents to $2.00 depending on length.

If you have a printed garment you lose the effect of the seam feature in the print anyway.